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DrillMaster 16.00-25

For Loaders or Scoops


Loaders or Scoops transport heavy loads of orebodies at low speeds over a relatively short distance to dump trucks or conveyor belts. They often face freshly blasted, sharp rocks in wet and abrasive conditions. Durability, traction, and even wear are the most important tire features.

  • Continental’s ScoopMaster was developed to last in this extremely harsh underground mining environment.
  • Premium quality tread and sidewall rubber compounds provide maximum resistance to rock cutting, penetrations, and tearing.
  • The special V.ply construction in combination with the carcass rubber compound provides high carcass strength, excellent flex fatigue, and sidewall damage resistance.

Technical Details

  • Maximum casing protection against punctures and impacts
  • Wide contact area for reduced slippage, good traction, and even wear
  • High wear volume for optimum mileage performance
New content item
  • Additional cut-resistant rubber rib to protect casing in sidewall area where sharp rocks can damage the tire
  • Cut-resistant rubber compound for sidewall protection
  • Designed for easy and fast tread depth measurement
  • TWI shape prevents stone catching and carcass penetration

Tread wear indicator

Product Range

123006712.00-20L5STL20in preparation
123006914.00-24L5STT20in preparation
127044320.5-25L5STL24in preparation
127044523.5-25L5STL32in preparation
127044429.5-25L5STL40in preparation
127045629.5-29L5STL40in preparation
127045735/65-33L5STL48in preparation

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