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CST Launches New Solid Tire Dimensions for Tow Tractors

  • New dimensions of Continental CS20 available
  • Perfect fit for ground handling operations at airports due to high cutting resistance, low vibrations, and low maintenance of the Continental CS20
  • Orders already received from two international airports

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Hanover, 19 May 2015. Continental Commercial Specialty Tires (CST) is expanding its comprehensive solid tire portfolio. The Continental CS20 is now available in 6.00-9, 7.00-12, and 7.00-15 variants. With its excellent driving qualities, the tire is ideal for use on tow tractors, especially within airports.

“We focus on providing customized solutions for specific demands of our customers. With the Continental CS20, we are now offering a tire that is perfectly suited for challenging airport applications combining low vibrations, high cutting resistance and low maintenance. We have already received orders for the Continental CS20 from two major international airports”, explains Dr. Michael Maertens, Managing Director of Continental CST.


The solid tire Continental CS20 in the new dimensions 6.00-9, 7.00-12, and 7.00-15 is perfectly suited for use on tow tractors at airports.

Photo: Continental CST

Continental CS20: low vibrations and prevention of heel and toe wear

With its broad portfolio of specialty tires, Continental has been satisfying the specific requirements of airlines and airports for many years: from pallet and container transporters, in-freight handling and service trucks and even pushback tractors for airplanes. The tire manufacturer is now expanding its portfolio for ground handling vehicles at international air transport hubs with the Continental CS20. The tread of the solid tire features an innovative double-L design with a rounded groove contour for excellent traction and self-cleaning characteristics. The closed shoulder design minimizes vibrations compared to tread block designs resulting in a quieter and smoother ride. The closed sidewall construction avoids cracks and counteracts heel and toe wear. Thus, both maintenance and total cost of ownership are reduced. The continuous tread belts of the Continental CS20 offer an excellent lateral stability, even when performing frequent directional changes or turn maneuvers.


The industrial pneumatic tire ContiRV20 offers high driving comfort, extraordinarily high mileage, good traction, and low energy consumption.

Product diversity for airport operations

With its standout features, the Continental CS20 solid tire is an excellent addition to the existing tire range, which includes the ContiRV20, a popular choice for airports and airlines around the world. Pneumatic tires such as the ContiRV20 offer high driving comfort, extraordinarily high mileage, good traction, and low energy consumption. The innovative rubber compound of the ContiRV20 also ensures outstanding grip and traction on all surfaces. This means shorter stopping distances, even on slippery or sloping surfaces, which in turn improves the safety of the driver and load. The ContiRV20 is perfectly suited for high-speed and long-distance applications such as tow tractors or cleaning trucks.

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