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Forklift Truck Driver World Champions visit Continental

  • World Champions and German Champion of the ForkliftCup hosted at the plant in Korbach
  • Continental’s comprehensive industrial portfolio of tires guarantees fast, accurate, energy-efficient deployment of forklift trucks
  • State-of-the-art production operation for specialty tires at the facility in Korbach

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Hanover, 12 January 2015. World championship atmosphere at Continental’s facility in Korbach: In December, Forklift Truck Driver World Champions of 2014 Stefan Theissen (Individual and Team World Champion) and Fabian Schulte (Team World Champion) visited the tire manufacturer’s plant in Hesse. Also among the guests were the German Forklift Truck Driver Champion Rolf Müller and the German Team Champions from Knauf Gips in Iphofen. They won their title at the ForkliftCup using top-quality, robust solid tires from Continental Commercial Specialty Tires (CST): As an official equipment supplier, Continental CST fitted all the vehicles taking part in the competition with its Super Elastic industrial tires. During a tour of the plant, the impassioned forklift truck drivers saw for themselves the comprehensive Continental CST portfolio of industrial tires, and enjoyed a look behind the scenes at the sophisticated production operation for Continental Super Elastic tires.

World Champion and German Champion of the ForkliftCup visit Continental’s plant in Korbach:

1. From the left: Dr. Helge Winkler (Head of Production at Continental CST); 
3. From the left: Stefan Theissen (Individual and Team World Champion); 
4./6./7./10. From the left: German Team Champions from Knauf Gips in Iphofen; 
3. From the right: Rolf Müller (German Champion)

Tires from Continental turn in a world-class performance

The ForkliftCup, which was held for the tenth time in 2014, makes highest demands on the drivers, the vehicles and the equipment involved. They have to negotiate the competition’s course with speed, precision, and maximized energy-efficiency. The tires fitted on the forklift trucks play an important role in this context, since all the braking, steering and driving forces are transmitted through them. “The tires have to assure maximum stability, minimize vibrations to optimum effect, and offer a high level of driving comfort,” to quote Forklift Truck Driver World Champion Stefan Theissen, who works for Bernards Logistik KG in Bad Breisig. The tires from Continental meet in full these world champion’s requirements: The Continental CS20 industrial solid tire, for example, features an extremely energy efficient construction with a closed shoulder, thus minimizing vibrations and ensuring very smooth running which gives a high level of driving comfort. The Continental SC20 Mileage+ is very durable, and offers a high mileage capability. “For almost every vehicle and every customer’s intralogistical requirements, we can offer a customized solution“, explains Dr. Helge Winkler, Head of Production at Continental CST. “Depending on the area of application, different rubber compounds are optimally matched to the working conditions the tires are used in. This extends the lifetime of the tires, while at the same time downsizing the costs involved.”

Diverse range of tires at the production facility in Korbach

The German Forklift Truck Driver Champion Rolf Müller, Head of the Terminal Division at Schenker Deutschland AG in Villingen-Schwenningen, enthused how diverse the application of the solid tire portfolio being produced in Korbach is: “From harbors and airports, all the way through to the electronics industry, tires from Continental CST are used. One of the particularly exciting versions is the white, non-marking tires, which are used in sectors where cleanliness is a major stipulation.” The plant in Korbach, with more than 3,200 employees, ranks among Continental’s largest facilities. Over an area of 300,000 m2, Continental produces not only specialty tires, but also car and motorcycle tires. The production operation for specialty tires in Korbach is the most sophisticated of its kind anywhere in the world. Continuous investments and optimization of the process sequences involved help the company to meet the stringent requirements involved for quality and efficiency.

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