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Top marks in customer reviews for solid tires from Continental CST

  • Continental SC20 Mileage+ exceeds expectations at LaminatePark, one of the world’s leading laminate flooring manufacturers
  • CHI Deutschland Cargo Handling International GmbH relies on Continentals SC20 Energy+ for energy efficiency and durability

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Hanover, 17 October 2014. Since the introduction of the advanced solid tire portfolio of Continental Commercial Specialty Tires (CST), the Continental SC20 Mileage+ and Continental SC20 Energy+ already have proven their worth.

For many companies in the logistics sector, tires are a key factor in their economic success. Dr. Michael Maertens, Managing Director of Continental CST, concurs: “If tires do not keep what they promise, it can lead to serious consequences in terms of cost efficiency and time management. With our customized products such as the Continental SC20 Energy+, we focus completely on the individual needs of our customers. Companies already using our tires have awarded our products top marks in terms of quality, safety and efficiency."


Continental SC20 Energy+ and SC20 Mileage+

Continental SC20 Mileage+ is the first choice of LaminatePark GmbH & Co. KG

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of laminate flooring, LaminatePark near Saarbrucken / (Germany) currently has a production capacity of around 25 million square meters. About 50 truckloads of wood have to be coordinated and processed every day. The forklifts in use and in particular their tires are exposed to stringent requirements: To transport the five and a half meter wide 10-ton loads, the tires have to endure more than an eight percent incline on the way to the loading bay. The Continental SC20 Mileage+ is specifically designed for such challenging applications. The tire is characterized by its exceptionally high mileage, an improved abrasion performance and high cutting resistance. The rubber compound with short sulfur bridges reduces wear and extends the tires’ service-life. Compared to the original equipment tires, the SC20 Mileage+ paid off within a short timeframe. Dirk Wuschech, Warehouse Manager at LaminatePark, confirms: “We measure the fuel consumption of the vehicles used in our factory monthly and found out that we are saving 0.7 liters of fuel per operating hour with the Continental SC20 Mileage+. For us this is a huge saving.” In addition, according to Dirk Wuschech, several rims broke at high loads with the harder type of original equipment tires. This was not the case with forklift trucks equipped with Continental tires. From an economic point of view, a smooth tire use offers great advantages, since fewer repairing downtimes reduce the operating costs significantly.

The following link leads to the video case study of LaminatePark:


Interview with Dirk Wuschech, Warehouse Manager at LaminatePark

The Continental SC20 Energy+ as an ideal solution for the CHI Deutschland Cargo Handling International GmbH

The CHI Deutschland CargoHandling International GmbH (CHI)is one of the leading freight andlogistics companies at the airport Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Thereduction of energy costs is a central aspect for the company. A low rolling resistance of forklift truck tires has significant influence on the energy efficiency since it essentially extends the battery life of electricvehicles. This leads to reduced downtimes and lower operating costs. An entire fleet of forklift trucks moves a volume of more than 25,000 tons of cargo at CHI in a storage area of more than 40,000 square meters per month.With an average annual runtime of 4,000 operating hours, the tires areexposed to enormous stress. For Martin Obert, Facility Manager at CHI,resource-efficient tires are thus very important. For him, the Continental SC20Energy+ is the ideal solution: "We rely on energy-efficient solutions fromContinental. With the SC20 Energy+, we have found a tire that efficaciously supports our sustainability strategy with its efficiency and durability.” The SC20 Energy+ is designed for low rolling resistance. Thanks to the optimizedrolling properties, the heat development inside the tire is minimized, and thus ensures the best durability, even in heavy use.

The following link leads to the video case study of CHI:


Interview with Martin Obert, Facility Manager at CHI Deutschland Cargo Handling International GmbH

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